More Than You'd Expect 

Hartford Financial Management Inc. manages retirement benefit plans for small and medium sized businesses, delivering advice and management that are usually thought of as available only to major corporations. Our in-house investment team will develop a corporate retirement plan carefully aligned with the needs you define for your partners, co-owners and employees.

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A Partner That Advises And Protects 

What makes Hartford Financial Management different from many other alternatives is that we join our clients as named fiduciaries. Put simply, that means that we’re in it together. We take an active role in evaluating your retirement plan, selecting the mix of investments available to your employees, writing a clear and concise investment policy, and monitoring your plan’s investment performance. We perform the duties of a prudent investment expert so that your plan’s investments are a benefit and not a distraction for your employees.

Specific services we offer include:

  • Investment Management
  • Investment Advice
  • Investment Policy Creation
  • Investment Menu Design
  • QDIA Selection
  • Total Cost Analysis
  • Performance monitoring
  • Plan Benchmarking
  • Vendor Evaluation & Search
Transparent Fees 

We maintain a clear reporting system that identifies each and every fee separately from your plan’s returns. Delve into most defined contribution plans and you will find a host of fees and charges like fund “loads” and 12b-1 fees. Regardless of their purpose, they mask the real performance of an investment strategy, so we break them down for you. We want you to make decisions based on facts, not fees.