I Worry My Money May Not Be Safe and There When I Need It

The safety of money is best ensured by the application of knowledge and diligence. 

There is no such thing as zero risk.  Risk is addressed by applying a sound understanding of the economic environment and applying seasoned judgment to investment decisions in structuring a portfolio.   HFM will provide a program with asset allocations that not only lead to diversification but also seek to mitigate the volatility and vagaries of the economic climate.  With your assets invested in liquid public markets and supervised by competent professionals, you can have the comfort of knowing that the potential risks to your money will evaluated in the ways right for you.

Arm's length between your advisor and a sound financial institution holding your investments provides the opportunity for different sets of eyes to look out for your safety. 

HFM does not take physical possession of client assets. Instead, an independent third party is used for this purpose. Major financial institutions providing customer asset custody are charged by SEC regulations to insure the safety of those assets. Protection is also provided by SIPC insurance. In addition, custodians will typically provide third party insurance for the excess that is not covered by SIPC. Effectively all accounts are fully insured against misappropriation. The value of your assets is not insured for market fluctuations, but you can be sure that that you will not suffer a loss due to malfeasance.

Volatility is a potential driver of worry that does not have to deter the long-term investor. 

Remember, downturns in the market are not "realized" by you if you don't sell in a panic.