I Worry My Retirement Won't Play Out the Way I Pictured It 

Having the necessary means for a comfortable retirement is a function of how well you prepared for it. And you are not done planning for retirement on the day you stop working 

In the absence of a targeted program to address the specific requirements of retirement, uncertain outcomes are more likely.  HFM financial planning addresses retirement strategies and provides guidance for income development, social security and pension benefits management. This ensures that you are optimizing your pension and investment resources.  Our work  provides a mechanism for tracking how well the plan is working and permits adjustments along the way. You will feel more in control of your destiny, knowing that there is a program in place to enhance the likelihood of a sound retirement with enough income to maintain your standard of living.

A sense of continuity is still possible in the event that a spouse dies or is incapacitated. 

It’s not uncommon for a surviving spouse to have to deal with the complexities of settling an estate at a time when emotions are stressed.  This is aggravated when the necessary planning and organization of assets have not been done in advance. HFM programs can provide the necessary continuity and assistance to lessen the harsh effects of these events. There is great comfort in knowing that a life partner will be cared for and that things will be in order when you are no longer there to oversee them.

Retirement is more than having enough money to avoid working. 

Retirement raises issues that are not solely investment-related.  Other issues that are likely to be addressed are: health, elder care, generational wealth transfer, charitable goals, etc. HFM incorporates such issues in its financial plans and renders assistance where needed.  It helps tremendously to have a team to help you sort it out.