I Worry I Don't Have the Understanding, Time, or Inclination to Manage My Money

Done right, personal financial affairs have become complicated and time-consuming. Having us help can actually make you feel more in control, rather than less. 

We all wish sheer luck were a reliable substitute for applying the right effort and experience to handling financial affairs and investments.   Lacking the wherewithal to dedicate the effort and time to stay equal to the task, your alternative is to find someone who truly is.   The professional team at HFM takes time to delve into what you really want, and is ready to listen to your thoughts about money and your life.  Applying extensive experience and sophisticated tools, we make sense of your holdings and issues and organize them efficiently.  We involve you in a process and communication that improves your sense of progress. Our entire team is available for you.  You determine the amount of contact and involvement you want. The financial program created for you will demonstrate how the pieces come together in a logical way that will make you feel more in control.  

It is nearly impossible for the lay person to tackle the huge array of investment products and suppliers to sort out their differences. And it matters. 

Every place you can put your money has a cost and a risk of some sort.  Keeping your money “in your mattress” has a cost as well: the cost of what you missed earning with it on any given day.   Investment products typically have imbedded costs, risks or features that are not always apparent and may create unintended consequences.  HFM professionals will investigate and remain very mindful of risk and cost when providing the proper use of only suitable investments for your program.  We will provide as much or as little education on the details as you desire.

Complexity of the tax code and other government rules requires detailed knowledge to avoid expensive pitfalls. 

Consider how our "tax sensitive investing" can help capture opportunities to ease your coordination burdens at tax season.

Ongoing oversight is critical to the integrity of your program. Yet we sometimes place unreasonable expectations on ourselves: "I'm intelligent, shouldn't I be able to do this myself in my spare time?" 

Consider what you want from an adviser in the way of structure and protocol to oversee your portfolio. At HFM it is team based for complete coverage.